A Whole New…Accent?

Okay. So, I always knew I had a London accent. But I never really -knew- I had a London accent. Do you know what I mean? It’s funny how being in another country makes me aware of how different I sound when I speak. Which…I do. And I can hear it. I don’t mind it, per say. I do feel like I’m pronouncing things completely wrong and I think what stands out the most is that I sound so utterly posh! When did this happen?! It’s like I came straight out of Harry Potter.

I suppose the most recent example I can compare the sensation with is just like one’s reaction to Britney’s (not so good, but still entertaining) ‘Brit’ accent in that Scream and Shout song. Which I think I might like, by the way. I don’t like to admit it, maybe, but it actually grew on me. My original reaction when I first heard it – All Eyes On Us? Definitely. Especially when you realise you almost sound like exactly like her when speaking!

Eastwood, Manila (Philippines)

Eastwood City, Manila Philippines

What I’m quickly realising is that having the Ye Olde British accent is that you primarily get one of two reactions. The first (and the most popular): people get incredibly shy around you. All of a sudden all the English they’ve known throughout their entire lives suddenly disappears. It’s like I’m the epitome of English Language Assessment. This one makes me feel intimidating, which is inconvenient on more occasions than I would prefer. There really isn’t a need to feel like this, believe me when I say, no-one knows how to speak “correct English”. Not one person in the entire world. We all have our quirks and colonialisms, deep down no one gives a cahoot (such a good word) about “correct spoken English”.

The second, and by default, less popular reaction is that all of a sudden I’m branded a foreigner and that I have no idea what I’m doing. Umm.

So there you have it.

I suppose the thickness of the accent won’t last long, they never usually do when one is immersed in a new environ. Although I can feel my Ts becoming stronger and more prominent in order to be better understood. It’s all waTer and buTTer now. It’s practically all new to me, too. Before I know it, the phonemes of my vowels will follow suit and suddenly I’m all indistinguishable.

I also love how – and this happens to me wherever I go – people assume I’m a local of mixed race. Yay! Thank you Mediterranean genetics! Thou has proven useful in making me, for the majority, ‘racially grey’. I love it. A bit of sunshine hits my skin and voila, I’m anything and everything. As a result, people are increasingly speaking to me in Filipino. And all is going well. Until I speak. Then giggling ensues! It makes me smile.


~ by DC27 on March 18, 2013.

One Response to “A Whole New…Accent?”

  1. Can’t wait for you to return with a Filipino accent! It’ll go with your mixed genes. 😉 xx

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