Normal Speed

You know what I just realised. I’m not lazy or too laid back. I’m just living in the wrong country. The amount of times I’ve been told that I’m “always late” or that I don’t stress about the things that I should be stressing about is essentially; countless. I half expect it now. Well, to those people I say that I go at the same speed as the majority of the world. Whoomph there it is!

The general norm for wherever you go that isn’t the UK or USA is essentially taking your sweet time when going about your daily shenanigans. You think Australians have time to run around like headless chickens? HA. That’s why they’re all so happy. Every Australian I’ve ever met acts like they’ve been born from a drop of golden sunshine. I won’t lie, encountering one of those so called ‘Aussie Sun Beams’ is akin to daylight striking the very core of your retinas on a dark, cold morning. Therein lies the secret: Zen promotes Zen. There isn’t enough of it back in London.

That number 55 bus taking a little longer than it should be? Drat, another two minutes wasted. Stress. Stress. Ugh, caught at the red traffic light once again. Stress. Stress. There’s a queue at lunch? Stress. Stress. STRESS. STRESS. STRESS. STRESS.


Rockwell, Manila (Philippines)

Rockwell, Manila Philippines

Chill. Take it back a notch or three. So, you didn’t make it to the bank on time, I don’t see your limbs falling off from their very hinges and sockets. Just go tomorrow. So you were late for work 5 minutes — chill the heck out — it happens in life. Don’t feel like going into work? Don’t go –- use a sick day or two, that’s what they’re there for. You’re not getting brownie points for the least amount of sick days you take. You’re certainly not getting extra pay.

Yes, there are some things you can stress over. Like food, paying bills on time and so on. Even then, the entire system is insane. If everyone just meditated a little, it wouldn’t have to go as far as getting a palpitation whenever you need to wait for  an extra three minutes. Simply thinking about the collective stress levels some Londoners go through and I can already hear the knell of early graves. Just. Chill. Go for a walk, listen to some good music. Anything, but remember to go at normal speed. None of this crazy scurrying in all directions, this isn’t a juggling competition.

I’m not saying ditch responsibility. Not at all, that would be self-destructive. I’m simply suggesting to befriend those anxiety levels. Armageddon will not occur because you got a parking ticket. Definitely deal with the issue. Just try and…deal with it at a steady pace.

Another reason why I feel happy here. Everyone gets on with work, and it gets done. Only not with crazy stress levels of a space shuttle. It’s More Fun in the Philippines, because critical meltdowns are all under control. I go at normal speed.

~ by DC27 on March 13, 2013.

2 Responses to “Normal Speed”

  1. Have you already forgotten what its like to wake up with a avalanche heading your way? If its always as sunny here as it is there people would also be more relaxed. And probably not live in houses with central heating etc. Because there would be not so much need for it.

    Oh the good days back in Indonesia.

  2. Haha! If only I could be as relaxed. I’m a control freak – I don’t think I’m ready but maybe one day. =)

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