The eagle has landed! Okay, not to much the eagle as a jet-lagged me, but I’ve landed nonetheless! And to be honest, it happened far far sooner than it felt like it would take. Not that I’m complaining, I’m glad I’m finally here – the wait felt like it took forever and it was like watching the clock go by till I got here.

The plane journey wasn’t that bad to be honest. I didn’t know much about the airline but in all honesty, there isn’t much to complain about. The long haul flight didn’t feel as long as the other long haul flights I’ve taken. That was good. Barely slept, as per usual, but it was okay.

The airport at KL was a strange place. I’ve never been in such a quiet airport in my life. People were walking around like mechanised pieces of equipment and hardly anyone made a noise. It was also a bit like being in a fruit salad, well, the United Nations version of fruit salad. Whilst London is a little like the entire globe squeezed into a Victorian settlement (bless Queen Vicky and her cotton socks), there was something a little unexpected about being a part of a ‘fruit salad’ in another country. Perhaps it was just the airport. Perhaps it was because I had just gotten off a 12 hour flight. I’m not quite sure. Either way, my tiny two hour experience of the Kuala Lumpur airport was an odd one indeed.

Oh! I saw a monk. An actual factual, real life monk. He was wearing long brown robes and real monk-beads. Like the kind you see in all the stereotypes that media portrays. I felt like I had to get his autograph or something. Then maybe have a conversation about why I wanted the autograph, delve deep into the materialistic ways of humanity and walk away with a mental reinvigoration. But I didn’t. I was too distracted by the crazy amounts of chocolate for sale. The amount of chocolate for sale at that airport is insane. A little over the top, one might say. But I’m not complaining.

It made me smile.

Makati City, Manila Philippines

So, I power napped on the second flight and after a relatively quick flight, my feet touched the Philippines and Her soil for the first time. From that moment and ‘till now I don’t exactly feel like I’m on the other side of the world. Some of it actually feels a little familiar, although that might be from having considerable amounts of time for mental prep. It’s all quite cute, actually. I was given an equally cute whirlwind tour of some areas and it all felt completely normal.

Yes, it is hot. But it isn’t putrid-hot. Yet. Although, by that time I may be more accustomed to the climate than I am already. I’ve always been able to deal with heat better than the cold, but I’m still giving myself a week or so to truly say that my body feels ‘normal’ in this temperature. I slept a lot today too. A lot. Too much, some might say, but that is what happens when I travel. I sleep the next day. Sometimes the entire day and I skip it completely, only waking up the following morning. It helps me get used to the air, water, and so on.

I love this, I don’t feel like I’m away from home. It just feels like a different home. And I know why.

I’m finally here and I’m happy.

~ by DC27 on March 11, 2013.

8 Responses to “Happy”

  1. I love when you touch down somewhere and feel like its home, and you feel so happy! Amazing, and so true.

  2. Such a great feeling! Love it!

  3. Great to know you got there safely. Should have snspped a pic of the monk lol. Hopefully I’ll be joining you on the ‘other side’ of the world too. 🙂

  4. welcome home!
    did you spot the jungle in the midst of the KL airport? well, there’s a very interesting story to it, which I shall tell you one day. let’s just say that when you know the reason, you’ll be happy to have a monk accompany you at the airport next time. 🙂

    enjoy the warmth as we shiver and chatter in the still winter weather here. xx

    • @Melissa:
      I should have! He was so stereotypical, I just gaped. Yes yes, you need to join us! 😉

      Thank you, Yen!

      Totally saw that jungle! It was right opposite the gate I departed to catch the Manila plane. I won’t lie, it was so eerie, especially as I didn’t notice it till after a while. All of a sudden I saw green and was like, “oh. There’s…foliage. Heaps of foliage.” 🙂

      You definitely have me intrigued about it now and Google isn’t helping! When are you paying our home visit then? 🙂

  5. So can we expect you as a Monk by the time you get back to London?

  6. Enjoy Philippines! 🙂

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