‘Brick Wall’ Expressions

Okay so, here is something that I can completely and utterly relate to. Sorry Twilight fans! Kirsten Stewart really does have the emotional complexity of an everyday sidewalk. And far from that idealistic yellow brick road she is.

I stumbled across this article claiming that the vanilla actress is, “so expressionless she may as well be a brick wall”. I’m not claiming that vanilla is a dull or morose flavour, I quite like it. It’s just that my two-cents worth can’t help but agree with the statement. I only watched the first film of The Twilight Saga, and aside from that surreal tree-climbing scene, the other recollection I have is just how ineffectively sculptural those ‘distance gazes’ were.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an active Twilight hater. Nor do I think that every scene should be filled with tears, laughter, or whatever the [insert your feeling from the emotion bucket here] portrayal should be. Stewart ruins the fine art of tension-filled pauses which, in all honesty, can only be pulled off in either real life situations or by those who have the gift of subtlety. For reference, see below:

Re-watch the film, you’ll see. Those are the very same expressions taken from film stills. Of different scenes.

Now, I’m not a fan. There are those that will always disagree, naturally. There are also avid fanatics which, if they want to, can worship the franchise all they like, it doesn’t particularly bother me. What does, however, is that for the rest of her career — she will always be Concrete Kristen.

~ by DC27 on February 25, 2013.

One Response to “‘Brick Wall’ Expressions”

  1. I think Twilight’s a bit like Marmite sometimes – you either love it, hate it or really just don’t care. I read all 4 books and watched the first three movies. Final verdict is meh lol. Although, Book 4 pisses me off to no end, but that’s another rant.

    As for Kirsten Stewart, I think I agree. There isn’t too much substance there, but then it’s not uncommon in these sorts of things. Just check out the title character of Vampire Diaries. :/

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