10 03(5) 13

With just under two weeks, the anticipation sets in.

I can’t believe it’s practically around the corner, but similarly I just can’t wait. Just 13 days — 13 days till I’m where I’m supposed to be. With everyone around me reminding me that I don’t really have long till I have no reason to complain about this arctic blast we’re (once again) so graciously gifted with.

Most, if not all, of my tick boxes have been checked – and with not much to do till I leave, I can’t help but feel like I want it to just happen now. I’ve had so much to write about since I first made this blog. I suppose all those other topics will often come and go. Always feeling like there is plenty of time to write, plenty of time to sit down and muse, but never quite doing it. It’s mostly down to the nefarious nitty gritty daily admin stuff that gets in the way.

This probably won’t make much sense either, to be honest.

But I like that.

It isn’t supposed to, unless you already know.

Regardless, I had the urge to supernova and let out my excitement. Or, to simply; write.

Just 13 days. 10-03(5)-13.

Not long, not far.
Can’t wait, little star.

~ by DC27 on February 24, 2013.

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