I am your Writer

I find myself staring at the empty page once again, reminiscent of that ‘first’ entry many years ago. First entries — pointless, yet its presence paves the way for all the solitary entries that follow.

This is why I’ve avoided the trifle and trauma that comes with over-thinking the first entry. It won’t kick-start this blog by setting it in stone as either a place for high brow discourse or casual moaning. No. It is a simply a space for musings, reactions, reviews and some creativity. A space for me.

So I introduce myself to you, ‘O great blog of my future thoughts’.

I am your Writer.

~ by DC27 on December 16, 2012.

2 Responses to “I am your Writer”

  1. We want more!

  2. What “Your audience” said. xD

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